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Better Speech and Language Center of Goldsboro

March 1, 2021
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Carolina Therapy Connection is Partnering with Better Speech and Language Center of Goldsboro!

Carolina Therapy Connection is so excited to announce that we are partnering with Better Speech and Language Center in Goldsboro, NC! This partnership will help us better serve the needs of children and their families within and around Wayne County, by providing referrals for speech and language therapy services.

More About Better Speech and Language Center

Better Speech and Language Center is a clinic with 3 very well experienced Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs). They are a private practice that provides speech-language services to children birth to 21 years old, in order to to help them reach their communicative potential. Their expertly trained group of SLPs provide sessions that are designed to meet each child’s individual communication needs. The clinic is owned by Nancy W. Stewart MS, CCC-SLP, and has been in business in Goldsboro for over 7 years. They strive to help children succeed through providing exceptional therapy services and community outreach within their area.

Why is a child’s interdisciplinary team so important for their success?

The term interdisciplinary team can be used to describe when a team of healthcare professionals (i.e. occupational therapist, physical therapists, SLPs and physicians) collaborate to reach a common goal of helping a child become successful. Often times, the child’s goals require overlapping disciplines to work together and communicate with one another, so that their goals are targeted in the most efficient way possible. SLPs and occupational therapists working alongside one another, can support both the child’s speech and language skills and functional daily living skills. For example, children with Down Syndrome often times need support from SLPs to increase coordination of breathing, and improve articulation and syntax in their language. To better serve the child’s needs, the speech therapist may communicate with an occupational therapist to align skill development, such as integrating handwriting to supplement their verbal communication. Carolina Therapy Connection and Better Speech and Language Center’s collaboration to provide referrals for services to one another, can help children make significant strides within their therapy goals.

Contact Information

If you have any question’s or would like a referral to Better Speech and Language Center, see the information below to get started!

Better Speech and Language Center Contact Information:

Phone: (919) 583-5375


Carolina Therapy Connection Contact Information:

Phone: (252) 341-9944