Therapist Resources

Resources for Therapists

At Carolina Therapy Connection, we have an open mind for collaboration and sharing resources. Below are relevant therapist resources we use at Carolina Therapy Connection for occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy. We will continue to update this page as our clinicians continue researching and treating in the clinic, home and school settings.

Speech Therapist Resources

Speaking of Speech 

Mommy Speech Therapy

Teach Me to Talk

Screen Time Handout for Parents

Spanish-English Bilingual Families

Bilingual Language Development – Myth VS. Fact

Early Language Ideas for Home in Spanish- Early Intervention Speech Therapy 

Screen Time Handout for Parents – Spanish

Occupational Therapist

Sensational Brain

Sensational Brain is a great platform that aims to provide research-based education and products that enhance the lives of children with developmental needs and to empower therapists, teachers, and parents who work and live with them.

Tools to Grow

Tools to Grow, Inc. is a place to share ideas and inspire others with engaging print and go resources, interactive digital teletherapy technology activities, handouts, worksheets, activities, games, and educational materials.

The Inspired Tree House

The Inspired Tree House team are a group of pediatric occupational and physical therapists so we are also passionate about sharing information, tips, and strategies to help readers conquer the common developmental roadblocks that come up for kids.  They believe that the more parents, teachers, and caregivers know about child development and wellness, the better off kids are!

Mama OT

Mama OT is a blog and platform ran by a California-based mom and Occupational Therapist with additional background in gymnastics, psychology, and education. is a place where she is dedicated to encouraging, educating, and empowering those who care for children.

OT Potential 

The OT Potential Club is an occupational therapy continuing education platform centered around important new research.