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How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in scheduling a screening, evaluation, or just want to learn more about our services, call or email us to get started today! Our referral coordinator will help answer any questions you may have and make the process as easy as possible for you!


Our office staff will gather all of your health insurance information and complete any authorizations or referrals that you may need.

Once you have been in contact with our referral coordinator, you can fill out all intake forms for all Therapy services and/or Mental Wellness services below.


New Intake Forms 2023


Mental Wellness Intake Forms

Physician Referrals

For physicians wanting to make a referral for Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy or Mental Wellness and Counseling services in Greenville, Goldsboro, or New Bern, please fill out the Referral Form below to the best of your ability and fax to (252) 439-0957 or email.


Referral Form


Trillium Referrals

We are also contracted with Trillium Health Resources to provide Specialized Consultative Services For Care Coordinators wanting to make a referral for Specialized Consultative Services, please call or email our office and speak with our Referral Coordinator.

Parents, schools, doctors, and other professionals that work with your child may make a referral for therapy services.   In order to process your claims with insurance or Medicaid, you will need a physician’s referral or prescription to receive an evaluation and therapy.  Our office staff will handle all insurance inquiries and will also obtain the necessary doctor’s orders needed for our clients.

When you contact the office to make a referral, our staff will contact your insurance company to get an explanation of benefits and information on eligibility.  (*Please note that verification of insurance benefits is not a guarantee of payment).  We offer financial assistance to clients when there is a financial need and when insurance does not cover therapy services.

Please contact our  office by phone (252) 341-9944 or email Carolina Therapy Connection if you are interested in OT, PT, Mental Wellness or Speech Therapy services for your child. Fill out the necessary paperwork and mail or fax completed forms to 1925-A Turnbury Drive, Greenville, NC 27858 or (252) 439-0957. Once we receive the completed forms, we will then contact your insurance company to determine your  treatment coverage as well as obtain a doctor’s prescription (doctor’s order) for an evaluation from your child’s primary care physician. After we receive all of the necessary documentation, we will set up an appointment for an evaluation.

Evaluations are typically an hour long for OT, PT, ST and Mental Wellness services. During an evaluation the therapist will interview the family, perform standardized assessments and clinical assessments, and observe your child within the environment (home/clinic). Evaluations also include a parent/family consultation to discuss testing results and possible treatment options for your child. If after the evaluation we find it beneficial for your child to begin therapy services, the therapist, along with the family, will develop an individualized treatment plan (Plan of Care) with goals for therapy.

Yes, we offer OT screenings lasting about 20 minutes long and are free! Developmental screenings are used to help determine whether your child may benefit from a full OT evaluation. OT screenings also help families identify areas of their child’s development that may require further evaluation using standardized assessments. Screenings look at fine motor (hand skills), gross motor (coordination/balance/strength), visual perceptual (handwriting), self-help, and early learning skills, as well as sensory processing.

The frequency and duration of therapy varies for each client. If a child is utilizing the Interactive Metronome® as a treatment modality, we prefer for them to be seen at least 2 times per week. For the most part, clients are typically seen 1 time per week for 60 minute sessions for OT and PT and 2x/week for 30 min for Speech Therapy. The frequency/duration of therapy services will be established with the family after a therapy evaluation has been completed.

There is no waiting list under normal circumstances. As soon as we are able to get all of the necessary documentation from your child’s primary care physician and insurance company, if necessary, we will be able to set up an appointment for an evaluation.


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