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Educational Services at Carolina Therapy Connection

Carolina Therapy Connection is excited to partner with Becky Taylor, educational specialist with over 40 years of experience, to now offer comprehensive educational services!

What does a Comprehensive Academic Assessment encompass? 

Initial Educational Consultation (~1 hour)

An initial education consultation is scheduled with our Educational Specialist and the child’s family/caregivers.  It is during this meeting when the family has a chance to express their specific concerns and we gain a better perspective of the child’s assessment needs. A plan of action is discussed and  implemented.

Educational Assessment of Academic Achievement (~2 hours)

The student is seen  by our Educational Specialist and it during this time when we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the student’s academic level of functioning in reading, math, writing, and language.  Specific tests will be selected based on each student’s individual needs. The assessment process includes the administration of standardized and criterion-referenced tests, inventories, checklists, and observation.   The comprehensive assessment will be personalized based on age, grade, and needs of the student (refer to our FAQ’s below, for a detailed outline of the educational assessment of academic achievement).

Development of a Written Report

The written evaluation report will include details of the standardized evaluation scores, data collected during the educational assessment, interpretation of scores, outline of the child’s skill levels (academic strengths and limitations), and planned interventions with individualized goals based on the child’s needs.

Follow-up consultation (~1 hour)

A follow-up consultation will be scheduled with the family/caregivers to discuss the results from the educational assessment.  During this consultation, the educational specialist, along with the family/caregivers will discuss a plan to address the child’s specific educational needs.

Total cost of the Comprehensive Educational Assessment:  $325

Educational consultation 

With over 40 years of experience in education, including special education, learning disabilities, behavioral emotional  disorders, student motivation, reluctant learners and more, our Educational Specialist can provide solution-based services to fit the needs of each student. These include (but not limited to):

Parental guidance and counseling to address educational concerns

Analysis of student reports/evaluations 

Assistance and support in developing a positive relationship with child’s teacher

Working with students on specific social-emotional behaviors

Cost: $95/hour

Personalized Tutoring Services

Our highly experienced educators will assess your child and develop an individual tutoring plan to develop their academic skills. Tutoring sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.  Contact us to get started with personalized tutoring services.

Virtual Learning Support

We understand that this year families are feeling stressed about their child’s academic success with the virtual learning hybrid plan the schools have adopted.  Regardless if your child is on the hybrid plan or 100% virtual, we are here to help!  Our Virtual Learning Support services consist of a personalized learning program for each child that supports their academic goals.  Our qualified educational specialists will help to coach your child through their virtual learning program assigned by their school.  Students work towards goals and objectives established in collaboration with their grade-level curriculum. Learning will take place at our clinic with a dynamic, in-person educator on their virtual days.

More specifically this program will focus on:

  • Keeping students organized and motivated
  • Building confidence and independence
  • Providing clarity and understanding of assigned material
  • Developing academic skills
  • Structure and consistency
  • Mental health and wellness support

Parents can have confidence that their child’s academic coach will:

  • Assume responsibility for assignments to be thoroughly and accurately completed
  • Provide full reports after every session (which can be shared with school teachers and other key individuals)
  • Receive consistent feedback from our educators

Carolina Therapy Connection assumes full COVID-19 safety precautions (in line with governmental regulations).  Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals also provide support for students with special educational needs!

Detailed outline of the program:

  • Students are recommended to attend a minimum of 8 hours/week or 2 hours/day
  • Most will attend 2 weeks per month depending on their individual hybrid plan
  • Students who are 100% virtual may decide to attend every week!
  • Monday thru Thursday
  • Morning or afternoon blocks
  • Students bring their own device
  • Customized learning plans provided by enthusiastic educators
  • Dedicated space, ideal for focused learning
  • A variety of pre-paid packages available based on individual needs

Call us or message us for more information and for pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who would  benefit from an Educational Assessment of Academic Achievement?

A: Reaching a decision to have an educational assessment typically comes after a period of struggle, distress, and various strategies to help improve the educational process.  This assessment is an important step to help a student achieve success and for a parent to better understand how to address areas of concern. Results of this testing will address:

  • Academic achievement
  • Academic levels of functioning in:
    • Math
    • Written expression
    • Language
    • Reading 
  • Academic readiness
  • Academic potential
  • Learning style
  • Attention difficulties
  • Communication skills

Results from this comprehensive assessment will provide important information in developing a plan of remediation.


Q: What is involved in an Educational Assessment?

A: Educational evaluations are comprised of informal assessments, standardized tests, evaluator observation, criteria-referenced tests, checklists and interviews.  Test scores are analyzed to better understand the student’s areas of learning strengths and needs. The evaluation will include specific recommendations to address what is going on with the student.  


Q: What happens after the Educational Assessment?

A: Once the comprehensive Educational Assessment is completed, an appointment will be scheduled with the parent to meet with our Educational Specialist.  This follow-up conference will include a summary of the results and recommendations going forward to help the student achieve their greatest potential.


Q: What information can I gain from an Educational Consultation?

A: Consultation and review can be very useful in determining the next best step to address educational problems.  Oftentimes, there is a complexity of learning challenges (attention, behavior, speech/language, social interactions, academic) that need to be addressed.  Often, a parent has questions about response and services provided by the school; needing to accurately know the areas of academic strengths and weaknesses; or the implementation of services.


Q: How do I get started with the Educational Assessment or tutoring process?

A: Getting started is easy! Contact us through our website or call our clinic at 252-341-9944 to connect with our staff.  We will schedule an appointment to meet with our Educational Specialist.


Q: What is your ratio for tutoring services?

A: We offer personalized tutoring services on a 1:1 teacher to student ratio.


Q: Do I need to complete a comprehensive educational assessment before getting started with tutoring?

A: No, depending on the individual child we may not need to complete the educational assessment.  The student may be better suited for a placement test in order to develop the most personalized tutoring plan.  We recommend contacting us to speak with our educational consultant to determine which plan is best for your child.


Q: Can my child with special needs qualify for tutoring services?

A: Of course! Working with children who have special needs is our expertise!


Q: Do I have to be a current patient with Carolina Therapy Connection to receive tutoring services?

A: No, your child does not have to be a current patient of ours to enroll in tutoring. We are accepting students from K-12!