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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy addresses any barriers that affect someone’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. More specifically, occupational therapy for kids and teens addresses concerns with things such as self-care skills, including feeding, bathing, and dressing; fine motor skills, including writing, tying shoes, and picking up small objects; neuromotor development; and sensory integration. A child’s occupation is to play. Children learn, explore and participate with others every day. Occupational therapists provide three basic areas of support for children: motor, cognitive, and sensory. An occupational therapist can help a child attain greater independence in daily routines and activities.

Our occupational therapists will complete an initial evaluation to become familiar with your child’s strengths, weaknesses and daily routine. Following the evaluation, they will create an individualized treatment plan and goals to address any concerns with development. We take pride in making therapy enjoyable and fun for your child, so that they can be motivated to live their life to their greatest potential.

Through demonstrated excellence in clinical, school, and home-based practice, our Occupational, therapists provide screening, assessment, consultation, and treatment in the following areas:

We offer Occupational Therapy services to children birth through adolescence, with a wide variety of needs and diagnoses:

We also provide Family Support Services such as:

  • Development of Home Programs and Sensory Diets
  • Home Sensory Gym Design
  • Preschool and School Consultations
  • Parent Consultations

View our OT Screening Checklist here!