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Let’s Talk Articulation!

When Do I Bring My Child for a Speech Sound Evaluation?

As our children grow and develop speech, they don’t learn to use all the speech sounds in their native language simultaneously.  That’s why my little one tells me that “it’s dart outside” when he looks out the window after dinner these days!  But how do you know when to seek out a speech therapist for your child?  

Check out the chart below, which is available as a downloadable PDF on the SLP now website at; when looking at the chart, understand that some children start to develop sounds before the ages listed. The ages listed represent the age at which 90% of children have mastered each sound. For many speech sounds, there is a wide range of ages at which a child may start to produce the sound or approximations inconsistently before they truly master the sound. However, it is a quick rule of thumb that if a child cannot produce one of the sounds listed under their age, speech therapy may be indicated.



What Can I Do at Home to Help My Child with Their Speech Sounds?

So, what can a parent do to help their child develop speech sounds correctly at home? The first strategy I recommend is to make sure your child is looking at your face when you’re producing words or sounds that they had difficulty with. Draw attention to your mouth by pointing.  Children learn a lot about how a sound is produced by observing you. 

Another strategy that you can use is called recasting. Recasting is when you repeat what your child says precisely, including the errors, in a questioning voice. For example, if your child says, “Look at the tar” when they mean “Look at the car,” you might respond by saying, “Tar? Is that what you meant?” When the child attempts to correct himself or herself, if he or she cannot do so, I suggest using the first strategy we discussed.  Your child may not produce the sound at that moment, but that’s okay because they are still learning from what they see and hear from you.

I also recommend reading with your child regularly. Even if a child cannot read independently, draw their attention to some of the letters in the book, especially if the book has large decorative letters at the beginning of paragraphs. Talk about the sound the letters make, and again, ensure your child is watching your face. 

For emerging readers, phonics activities are an excellent time to work on articulation at home. While doing phonics homework with your child, could you talk about how each sound is made?  For example, the “T sound is made with our tongue on the roof of her mouth.” If you’re unsure how to describe how sounds are made, has an excellent video library with tutorials for each sound.

If your child is receiving speech therapy services, their SLP will be able to provide you with additional, personalized resources.

How Can Carolina Therapy Connection Help? 

If you are still unsure or feel that your child’s speech is difficult to understand compared to others his/her age, Carolina Therapy Connection has licensed Speech Language Pathologists at the clinics in Greenville, Goldsboro, and New Bern that are highly qualified to evaluate and diagnose speech sound disorders.  You can schedule a speech sound evaluation at whichever clinic is most convenient for your family at 252-341-9944.  Our professionals can also provide personalized resources for your child’s needs. 


By Michelle Berghold


Greenville Clinic Expansion Updates

Greenville Clinic Expansion Updates

We’ve got BIG things happening at Carolina Therapy Connection and we are so excited to be sharing them with you! After years of prayer and planning, we have been blessed with the ability to expand our Greenville clinic to serve more kiddos and families in Eastern NC. Out of the trust and kindness our community has shown to us we have been able to expand both our services and our physical clinic space from 1200 sq ft. to 15,000 sq ft. over the past 11 years! We are so grateful to our families, our community partners, and our referral sources for the overwhelming support of Carolina Therapy Connection!

Carolina Therapy Connection Greenville Clinic Expansion

Carolina Therapy Connection Greenville Clinic Expansion

Carolina Therapy Connection Greenville Clinic Expansion

What will this new expansion entail?

Everything to help our kiddos and families reach their goals by serving them more efficiently! This new space will include:

  • 3 new sensory gym spaces that vary in sensory feedback to meet the sensory needs of each child (low stimulation and high stimulation environments).
  • An interactive fiber optic sensory space for a serene and calming experience.
  • A space designated for our Interactive Metronome treatment modality. Learn more about this evidenced-based system here.
  • 2 feeding spaces to host feeding groups that develop sensory-based feeding skills for kids of all ages, and to house our feeding specialist team.
  • A separate physical therapy gym with state-of-the-art equipment to build developmental skills.
  • Collaborative workspaces and technology for all of our clinicians and staff.
  • Private treatment rooms for all disciplines.
  • An even larger lobby for caregiver comfort.
  • A space dedicated for expansion of our Educational Services.
  • A large outdoor, protected courtyard space for the option to provide services in a safe outdoor area.
  • Marketing and communications studio for improved ability to develop content for our families.
  • State-of-the-art training center for continuing education and advanced training of our staff. This will also be used for community events like our Neurodivergent Hangouts and Parent Support Groups.AND… several other spaces for future expansion of our services.. stay tuned for more information about what these will be!

Carolina Therapy Connection Greenville Clinic Expansion

Carolina Therapy Connection Greenville Clinic Expansion

Carolina Therapy Connection Greenville Clinic Expansion

How will this expansion impact our current families?

We have entrusted our amazing local contractors at WIMCO to ensure that our families and kiddos are SAFE during all of the construction. Construction will move in phases beginning on Monday, August 16th and ending sometime in April (or sooner). Each phase will allow our families to have access to parking with safety fencing and signage that will be posted. Please be sure to follow these signs! Our current building will be updated and outfitted during the process, but not until towards the later phases. In the meantime, we should see very little effects of construction inside of our current space. We will be keeping you all updated as we move throughout this process. WIMCO will have a superintendent on site daily to make sure that the needs of our families, kiddos, and staff are always being met! Safety is their #1 goal! THANK YOU for extending us grace during this time and for having patience as we navigate this exciting adventure!

Please feel free to reach out at any time with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for making this dream a reality for all of us and allowing us to serve out our mission of informing families, enriching lives, changing futures for all of Eastern NC! 

Carolina Therapy Connection thanks WIMCO

Greenville NC Carolina Therapy Connection Expansion Updates