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Eliminate Stress from Virtual Learning!

We Want to Help Your Family Eliminate Stress from Virtual Learning

School has started and the stress associated with remote learning is already overwhelming for many families. In addition to assuming the role of teaching, parents are trying to work their own job and continue to provide for family needs. All of this can create a chaotic home, at a time when we are already struggling with how this pandemic has changed our world. Carolina Therapy Connection is here to help children and their families eliminate stress from virtual learning!

Parents and students want to resume a sense of normalcy. The unknowns cause anxiety and fear for all of us. We need to create more routine, structure and consistency in facing these challenging times. Children need and want boundaries to feel safe and secure. The behaviors and feelings experienced when boundaries become cloudy, inconsistent or even ignored, can significantly reduce the learning and well-being of our students.

Carolina Therapy Connection is Now Providing a Virtual Learning Program

Beginning in September, CTC will be offering a Virtual Learning Support program. Some students may rotate between virtual learning and face-to-face learning every other week, while others may be receiving their education completely online. Students will attend the clinic on a weekly basis depending on their individual needs. Each week will allow for 8 hours of time with our academic coaches. Pricing for services will depend on the frequency of weeks requested. Call our clinic to discuss your child’s school schedule and any other specific needs they may have, so we can find the perfect time for you. 

During this time, students will focus on assignments and skills from their school. Having a schedule that your child can rely on for face-to-face instruction can ensure that they receive a higher-quality education and improve their understanding of concepts they have trouble with. 

CTC academic coaches will:

  • Keep students organized and motivated
  • Build confidence and independence
  • Provide clarity and understanding of assignments
  • Reinforce academic skills
  • Provide structure and consistency
  • Help with motivation to complete all work
  • Provide a learning environment that reduces distractions

The Health and Safety of Your Child and Family is Important to Us

  • When you arrive at the clinic, you can call us and we will come out to greet you at your car.
  • Prior to entering the clinic, your child will have their temperature taken and their hands washed.
  • All desks, computers, tablets, and other equipment will be sanitized between each visit.
  • Throughout your visit, all staff in the building will be wearing masks.
  • Before leaving we will have your child wash their hands one more time!

Now is the time to start the school year off right for your child and family at Carolina Therapy Connection! Start early and call us at 252-341-9944 to set up weekly virtual learning support.

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